Manufacturers prepare to battle rogue robots

By Helen Robinson Many manufacturers are underestimating the damage hackers can do to — and through — connected robotic systems, according to Shawn Murray, cybersecurity engineer and chief academic officer with Springs-based Murray Security Services & Consulting. Cybersecurity needs to be front-and-center as manufacturers upgrade to more automation and robotics, he said.   To read more Click Here

SCTA Member Gus Hernandez profiled in the Colorado Springs Business Journal

Gus Hernandez began Dynamic Aerospace Technologies in January 2015. For the past two years, the retired U.S. Air Force lieutenant colonel and Air Force Academy graduate has been establishing a foundation for his “imagery engineering” business, which utilizes unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, to capture imagery for everything from commercials to agricultural mapping. Read more of the interview here: 

SCTA Member and Attorney Michael Martensen – Companies should take steps to protect intellectual property

Failing to protect intellectual property is one mistake that can’t be undone, but not enough businesses realize that until it’s too late, according to attorney Michael Martensen. Speaking at the Innovation Without Protection Is Philanthropy seminar Tuesday, Martensen also said many people think their company has no intellectual property, or fail to correctly identify what it is. Read more here:


Rebecca Decker says there’s never a boring day at Catalyst Campus — and she should know. Read the full article featuring CSBJ’s Rising Star, Catalyst Campus’ Director of Marketing and Business Engagement, Dr. Rebecca Decker:

Colorado Springs’ Catalyst Campus is Here to Supercharge Your Business

When experts talk about the strength of startup culture in Colorado, they point to community-building initiatives like the Catalyst Campus for Technology and Innovation in Colorado Springs. The Catalyst Campus, made possible through a strategic partnership with Comcast, is a collaborative ecosystem driving innovation and facilitating aerospace, defense and related industry growth while creating a pillar for the future of …

New Colorado Springs center to help defense contractors diversify

A new center operated by two trade associations will open next month in the Catalyst Campus near downtown Colorado Springs. Image via Google Maps. A new center operated by two trade associations will open next month in the Catalyst Campus near downtown Colorado Springs to help defense contractors diversify into new markets to cope with military budget cuts and to help …

State manufacturing program to launch at Catalyst Campus

Two Colorado trade associations are partnering to launch the FourFront Fuse Impact Center at Catalyst Campus, according to a news release issued by the O’Neil Group Company, which is developing the campus. The center is scheduled to open in February with a formal launch in late March or early April. “After several months of community discussions, Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Alliance has selected …

Government invention meets private industry during C-TRAC event

For the first time, the newly formed Center for Technology, Research and Commercialization — a nonprofit that is part of the Catalyst Campus — is hosting a “Tech 2 Market” event from Sept. 27-29. The interactive event gives participants the chance to learn about developing technologies and weigh in on ways the inventions can be used in both the government …

CTRAC bridges ‘tech to market’

The Center for Technology, Research and Commercialization hosted its first-ever “Tech 2 Market” event this week at Catalyst Campus to move early Air Force technology from the lab to local companies for licensing and commercialization. The event included project presentations, brainstorming sessions and networking opportunities between government and industry professionals. Attendees included representatives from the Air Force’s technology transfer office …